Restaurant Business Committee


Sergey Mironov attended the final meeting of the Moscow Regional Branch of Business Russia.

With colleagues the founder of Meat & Fish summed up the results of the passing year, discussed what year was given for entrepreneurs and outlined plans for 2020.

At the meeting Sergey Mironov was introduced into the council of the capital branch of Business Russia and offered to head the committee on restaurant business.

He told us what he would work on in this post.

"There are really many who are trying to help the restaurant business in Moscow right now. But there are also enough problems: bribes and kickbacks are still too many, and therefore the main goal is to get the restaurant business out of the shadows. Another point: excessive requirements. Most of them are unenforceable for entrepreneurs. They are not what to apply - and it is unrealistic to study everything.

To help businessmen, to rid them of absurd and unnecessary demands tries regulatory guillotine. We are also working with colleagues to launch it now.

And I hope that the Committee on Restaurant Business of the Moscow Branch of Business Russia will be able to contribute to this work. And will help to further promote the interests of restaurants in Moscow, Sergey Mironov commented on the results of the meeting
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