from under the knife


The end of the working week before the "May holidays" Sergey Mironov met live on Premium radio.

He became the first of Moscow's restaurateurs to be invited to the live broadcast of Atlas Gourmet. Host Anatoly Gendin invited the founder of Meat & Fish to talk about the restaurant business without bills. What will win: fast food or gastronomy? Why would a restaurant have bloggers?

Can restaurant awards be objective, and who needs restaurant critics? In an hour, the interlocutors frankly discussed everything. Sergey Mironov shared with his listeners his look at "modern Russian cuisine," said why the format is "delicious, as a grandmother" is so popular in the West, but he can hardly take root in Russia and spoke out why the summer season and "personnel hunters" are not the easiest time for the restaurant sphere of Moscow.

"A lot of foreigners left the capital for a pandemic. But the planes, in fact, flew only one way. For example, chaykhon restaurants have lost up to 90% of employees. And now the pilots are intensifying, and the Russian south will easily drag our personnel for seasonal work. No one told us how to be: raising salaries for employees, trying to keep them, will not save them, because competitors will do the same, and this (based on the economics of the restaurant) will entail a higher price for dishes on the menu, and we have no right to pick up prices for dishes... It turns out such a vicious circle, which was aggravated by the situation with the pandemic, "said Sergey Mironov.