wind of change

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"In my opinion, a real bomb appeared among our desserts - rather, even a whole torpedo: an eclaire, which we" modestly "called... XXL. Its length is 31 cm, and guests will have to try very hard to fit it in the frame on a selfie, "- so Sergey Mironov illustrated in his social networks the recent update of the menu" Meat & Fish. " The founder of the restaurants elaborated on each of the novelties.

"The main thing in our eclaire, of course, is not" dimensions, "but taste: in this chocolate giant, cream with Mascarpone cheese, rum and cream.

New tastes await fans of ice cream. Here we now have two novelties: salt caramel and pistachio.

But my personal favorite is a handmade assorted candy. We tried to improve their tastes for more than one tasting. And now, in my opinion, they have finally brought them to the ideal. Now sweets are waiting for coffee candy, baylis and three truffles at once: black, salty and orange. The tastes are simply incredible, I recommend everyone to come in and try. Personally, I have now ceased to buy chocolate in principle. And increasingly I call for him to us, in Meat & Fish, "Mironov emphasized.

He also noted the "tasty" changes in the main menu:

"Various easy provocations, experiments for restaurants now - even to some extent fashionable: someone introduces shawarma, someone cheburek. So why not show up in the Meat & Fish menu?

In addition, I myself sometimes want to eat something like that, quite simple and without delights.

When we "rolled" the play on tastings, we argued for a long time: both over the form and over the "content", and as a result, we settled on the fact that our dish is cooked from lamb and marble beef, fried on shampoos, and served with lavender chips, half of Cherry pickled tomatoes and our legendary pepper sauce. And I can bet that we got the same kebab lula, the taste of which is well known to everyone!

But speaking of a cradle, I can't help but tell you about some of our new products. The first is fire cutlets, which we prepare according to the recipe of Alexander Nikolaevich Filin (we also made a note of this on our menu). These chicken and veal cutlets are fried to a golden crust and served with mushroom sauce, lingonberries and buckwheat chips. The dish is very homely, hearty and soulful. Well, gourmets and esthetas will probably like our two new bruschettes: with rostbife and wild salmon. In the first - chiabatta with Parmesan, aromatic cheese sauce and greens, in the second - Guacamole sauce, octopus and cod liver paste, honey-mustard dressing and slices of tender pickled chavychi.

Already wanted to jump into our light?, "Asked fans of" Meat & Fish "Sergey Mironov