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"I succumbed to persuasion, hired PR people for myself. More precisely: marketers and SMM analysts," Sergey Mironov made a publication about this on New Year's holidays in his social networks.

He said that recently his interests have been represented by several similar specialists at once. It was on them at first that the founder of Meat & Fish pinned his hopes, but then the situation did not go according to plan.

"They follow me in single file, they ask what they would like to come up with... or they are waiting for permission: "Can this be published? And it's probably impossible to write about it!". And while they are suffering, I have already removed a story for myself, and posted a new post. Everything is like in the cartoon about Prostokvashino: "by myself and on skis."

In general, everything is as always: if you want to do well, do it yourself! Once again I am convinced: PR people in the restaurant business are either sky-high, and professionals are really piece-by-piece, or ... it's just that no one in the restaurant really needs another "department of good deeds" (may my PR people forgive me)

By the way, there is another category of "major specialists" in advertising. Mostly for self-promotion, of course. I've been calling them "PR people" for a long time: these are the so-called gastrocritics who will sell their grandmothers and their grandmother (and write good posts about absolutely any restaurant), and without grandmothers, they will easily kill someone. Moreover, as a rule, their creativity has nothing to do with the quality of the restaurant at all," Sergey Mironov wrote and addressed the audience with the question: does a modern restaurateur need PR people, or is he quite able to promote himself and his brand himself, without relying on the help of sometimes dubious "specialists".
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