doors close


In Buryatia, restaurants were closed for two weeks.

How would the authorities of the region explain that the restaurant is very different from the newsstand? And that it, the restaurant, can't just be taken and closed for half a month, and then just as easily, with half a kick, open? By the way, restaurants in Buryatia closed... one day. Without warning any of the restaurateurs at all.

How to convey that the restaurant is complex technological processes, purchased products, a lot of blanks (and all this - hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of rubles), which will have to be thrown away. And then, the very next week after closing, buy again. After that - call all cooks on shifts in order to have time to make blanks for the intended opening in that very second week, spending again the same hundreds of thousands. And the discovery may not easily take place, because no one promised that those who fell ill with the "crown" will sharply become less.

These are employees who live in rented apartments and want to understand whether to rent them housing further, or say goodbye to their owners and leave for their regions back;

these are accepted reservations from guests and paid tables, scheduled birthdays and weddings. And now restaurants should cancel all this for two weeks, return the money to the guests, destroy all their plans, and then take orders for the next two weeks, not being fully sure whether they can even open on time and begin to fulfill everything they promised.

To stop the restaurant for two weeks is like shutting down a nuclear reactor by simply de-energizing it. Fix the ship in the middle of the ocean at full speed or, for example, an airplane in the air. If you slow down the restaurant, then immediately for a couple of months, giving its management the opportunity to clearly adjust further plans. And it costs at least a week to warn of such a step by the restaurateurs themselves. Well, or not to slow down restaurants at all.

"Explain to the regional authorities that you need to talk at least a little with business! What is necessary: to have feedback from entrepreneurs, since such regional leaders themselves do not understand the specifics of business, "the founder of the Meat & Fish restaurants spoke about the event.