an ordinary miracle


New Year is a time for gifts

Gifts, first of all, for children.

Just 300 desserts for the guys from the Blokhin Cancer Center were prepared by Meat & Fish confectioners shortly before the holiday.

Young patients have their own nutrition system, and they simply cannot eat much. But we took into account all the moments and made our desserts only from those products that are allowed for children.

And the fire and rescue unit No. 24 helped with the holiday for children: there they allocated a car that lifted the real Santa Claus right to the windows of the wards.

"In my opinion, it is very easy to organize such a holiday when there are those who are really waiting for a miracle. And even more so, it is not difficult for us, restaurateurs, to do this.

Children in the oncological center are on a diet, miss their favorite dishes, are sad, but our chefs and confectioners can come up with any recipes, circumvent all prohibitions and cook something allowed and really tasty for these guys.

For us, this experience was the first, but if the guys like desserts, we will continue to cook delicious treats for the cancer center.

Friends and fellow restaurateurs, become good magicians and also do such actions! For us, it's nothing, but for someone it's real magic, " Sergey Mironov addressed other restaurateurs from the pages of his social networks

Separately, the founder of the restaurants thanked the Russian Children's Fund, students and teachers of school No. 1611, the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, the head of the fire and rescue unit No. 24 Alexander Dobrodeev and personally Vladimir Zheleznykh for their help.

"The real wizards are, of course, you!

Happy New Year to all," Sergey Mironov summed up
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