how the shift grows


RANEPA freshmen defended themselves at Meat & Fish after a two-month practice. And, as usual, Sergey Mironov took this defense from the guys.

"In my opinion, this is a great chance to get feedback from practitioners. Guys and girls were able to dip a little into our business, and now they can tell me in the face what they liked and what they were unhappy with. And it immediately becomes clear how their mentors worked, whether the coaches and managers were able to "infect" the trainees with interest in the restaurant business.

I believe that it is the freshmen who should "on their skin" understand and feel all the nuances of our profession. After all, only in this case will they relate to study, to perceive the theory further they will be completely different.

Well, and of course, it is very important that the practice of these guys came on the days of "fodder" (February 14, 23 and March 8). And students did not sit in the corner, rubbing forks, but tasted restaurant life to the fullest, and they were also able to get a salary for their work, "said the founder of Meat & Fish.

And he again called on fellow restaurateurs to follow the example of our restaurants and invite trainees to his place. "Yes, it is expensive, costly, unprofitable: to invest in the studies of people who will then have to be released. But it is these temporary employees who will later graduate as already certified managers and return to work in our industry. Of course, only if we can lay the right attitude and interest in the restaurant business in them from the first year, "summed up Mironov.
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