staffing shortages in restaurants


The other day, Vladimir Putin in a conversation with Emomali Rahmon mentioned that in our country there are not enough migrant workers in several sectors of the economy at once.

And what to hide here: restaurants are just one of those most affected industries.

Our compatriots go extremely reluctant to work in restaurants in principle, and the whole sphere, in fact, was kept and kept precisely on foreign labor.

And until recently, the entire industry has been successfully replenished with such personnel. But for the second year, planes have been flying only one way, and we have fewer and fewer "foreigners" every day.

Well, in addition (probably with a smile listening to the President's words), the Ministry of Internal Affairs recently stated that the requirements for CIS citizens illegally located in our country will be tightened: until June 15, they all threaten to be built, checked and expelled from Russia.

And this is just the "wonderful" case when the right hand is not aware of what the left does.

Well, and probably the biggest trouble today is not even with the "foreigners," but in general with qualified personnel.

Due to the closed borders, our entire sunny south (starting from the Krasnodar Territory and ending with the coast of Crimea) is scored by tourists. Accordingly, people are needed there in hotels, restaurants and cafes. And who can come and start working in a restaurant tomorrow? Only a well-trained and trained employee (and this is certainly not a novice). And where to get these? The answer is obvious: from other cities of Russia, simply raising their salaries to the maximum.

And such an outflow has already begun, and by the end of June in many restaurants there will be a serious crisis with personnel.

But how to get out of the situation? Restaurants will try to either stupidly increase salaries, trying to keep staff at home, or "hunter" missing employees from neighbors. To the good, a clear matter, all this will not bring either: it will only lead to additional losses in the restaurants themselves due to increased FOT. After all, there will still be no more workers, they are already physically lacking today.

It is clear that such migration is seasonal, in October all foreign employees will inevitably pull back from the south of Russia. But before the fall, you still need to live, or rather, survive with the remaining personnel. So, patience to us all, colleagues. And good luck in our hard business!
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