With the mayor about the main thing


The founder of "Meat & Fish" celebrated the Day of Russian Entrepreneurship with an address to the mayor.

The meeting with Sergei Sobyanin took place at a meeting of the Moscow Council of Entrepreneurs.

"I told Sergei Semyonovich that an entrepreneur and a violator today are often synonymous words. Moreover, the entrepreneur himself often learns that he has violated something only at the moment when he receives a fine. And this is simply explained: all the norms that surround us, not what to do - it's even impossible to study it properly! Although, in my opinion, it would be much more effective to deal not with fines, but with the prevention of violations and for the first time limited to a warning, and not immediately punish an entrepreneur with a ruble.

The second thing I said is the Council of Entrepreneurs. It does not work for long, but it has already proven its relevance. And it is important for the Council to become a real acting body, and all measures and initiatives coming from Moscow would be verified by the Council.
And third, antiquarian measures. Some of them need to be reviewed as soon as possible. Different departments today issue rules that sometimes completely contradict each other. And as a result, for example, a guest of a restaurant can safely drink coffee, but a visitor to a fitness center or beauty salon does not.

Well, and the ill-fated gloves, which many regions have already refused to use. I recalled that antiseptics would be quite enough, and even Rospotrebnadzor itself recommends using them instead of gloves.

In the summer heat, such a “glove binding” (which in fact, in fact, does not exist!) Literally ruins the skin of our employees' hands, so this topic is painful for us in the literal sense.

And separately we discussed how to stimulate restaurant staff to get vaccinated, because all our further work depends on the health of our employees.

The mayor promised to consider all these issues without fail. And, in my opinion, for my colleagues and me this would be the most necessary gift for the holiday ", - Sergey Mironov himself commented on the conversation with the mayor.
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