shortage of personnel


"What happens to the managers for restaurants?

Yes, they just don't exist!", - Sergey Mironov posted a loud publication about this in his social networks.

He drew the attention of subscribers that, on the one hand, the restaurant market is developing by leaps and bounds, and the average restaurant in Moscow has long been ahead of the average European one, but, as a rule, only in cuisine;

but the capital's restaurants are sometimes managed so carelessly that you wonder how they are still alive.

"Cool managers - I repeat - you will not find even during the day with fire. One of them comes to you, asks for a salary of 200 thousand, and you ask him: "What can you do?!". A person describes his skills, and you understand: not only does he have no specialized education, but he is also ready to work except in the format "I can dig / I can not dig".

At the same time, the person has zero knowledge: everything is on top — he is not thoroughly savvy in gastronomy, he does not rummage in the bar, nor in marketing.

Yes, he has experience as a manager, but very narrow, in several restaurants, most of which have already closed as a result. And, friends, today this is a very real picture!

And the most important thing is that a person does not strive to develop at all. And why would he do that if he can find a job for "his 200" anyway. To do this, you do not even have to complete courses, improve your qualifications.

I know only a few managers who have gone to finish their studies, and the vacuum that has arisen with restaurant directors today allows absolute amateurs to get a job without any problems.

Well, then what to do about it?

Of course, a person applying for a managerial position necessarily needs a basic education (just not from the series "My friend is also a scientist, he will draw a three—piece like that - you can't tell the difference", but a strong and specialized one).

That is, now people come to the restaurant business from everywhere. And it is very important for a motivated person growing up to be a manager from the very bottom to get the necessary education at the right time.

Times have changed, the economy has gone ahead, and working as a manager in a restaurant by touch, as it was possible a few years ago, will not work today.

The second question is: how to help this? In my opinion, it is worth connecting the state.

Introduce mandatory certification of such employees and simultaneously launch motivational programs that would encourage restaurant managers to study.

Training (at least in the first few years) just do it at the expense of the state.

In order to avoid some kind of affiliation: they introduced certification, forced everyone to study, and then collected money from everyone — this definitely should not be.

Otherwise, the situation with personnel will only get more complicated day by day.

And I believe that, unfortunately, our hall, our operating system and most of our managers are as far from real business today as the Earth is from the Moon," Sergey Mironov told the audience about the real problem of the industry.
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