The price and value of health


What has the pandemic taught us all?

Save money? Stock up on food for the future?

Or is it that our main common value is health?

We at Meat&Fish decided not to wait for autumn with a new batch of viruses and colds. And we're certainly not going to go into another lockdown. We don't want to pay with our own health, so we decided ... pay your own employees.

The essence of our project is simple: if from June 1 to August 1, our employee puts himself 2 vaccinations against covid and shows a certificate, he will receive a bonus of 5 thousand rubles. Sergey Mironov wrote about this on his social networks.

"We are aware of how our haters can now come to life. But the dog barks, and the caravan goes, and the health of the staff for us has always been more important than empty chatter.

You can't buy health-it's an absolute truth. But who prevents us from investing in our own employees? After all, in my opinion, this is the most honest investment today.

Colleagues, how do you like the idea of launching such a practice in all restaurants?", - asked the leader of " Meat&Fish"
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