artificial egg


Sandwiches with artificial eggs suggest to try to guests of the Canadian snackbars "Tim Hortons".

Reports to readers "A special dish" about a gastronomic experiment.

What does such "artificial" egg consist of? Everything is simple: it маш (to taste similar to peas), rape oil, onions and turmeric puree.

And, on a table the novelty gets as a part of sandwich (as it was already told earlier) and - in the form of a skrembl (the scrambled eggs made according to the special recipe).
As the producer convinces, to taste artificial egg concedes nothing to "natural".
On structure - kind of it sounded - too! In the sense that three spoons of such here "substance" contain 5 grams of vegetable protein. What is identical to 6 grams of an animal. And just so much also contains in one usual egg.

As for the price, "newly made" sandwich will cost to guests 279 rubles (in transfer to our money), and what with egg and cheese - will cost for hundred rubles cheaper
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