where does the burger go


McDonald's is leaving Russia - this news was analyzed in detail by Sergey Mironov in his social networks.

According to the ombudsman for the restaurant market of Moscow and the Moscow region, like most Western brands, "he leaves somehow strangely."

"Lease agreements are not terminated, employees are not fired (they continue to be paid salaries) — that is, the company simply closes the doors.

Before that, other brands (the same Inditex) simply informed shopping centers that now their stores are not working "for technical reasons."

That is, they also continue to pay rent and salaries.

In general, doing so (not working and paying employees) is a rather expensive event; and in this case, the shopping center can both impose fines for non-working stores, and generally terminate lease agreements (almost every contract provides for this).

How long can you not work like this, pay salaries, rent and fines? In my opinion, from a month to three— no company can pull it all out any further.

That is, the question arises: are all these companies now subject to some kind of decrees from above in the hope that the essence of such decrees will change later?

P.S. Well, I recommend to my fellow restaurateurs to add... burgers to their menus! The demand for them will definitely increase.

By the way, the burgers in Meat & Fish are very tasty, with marbled beef," Sergey Mironov said in the posts and illustrated his idea with a photo with a branded burger.