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Sergey Mironov discussed with subscribers the position on QR codes in the regions.

He suggested analyzing what the point of all this is

"Kuars" are now being introduced by many regions (Amur Region, Kabardino-Balkaria, Kaliningrad, Kirov Region, Kursk region, Tatarstan, Lipetsk Region, Mari El, Mordovia — and this is not a complete list)

But why are these codes for restaurants even tougher than a complete closure?

It's simple: having lost 20% of revenue, the restaurant is already becoming unprofitable, and a drop to 80% will simply kill it. You need to pay salaries, rent — in this mode, the restaurant will not last long.

About 40% of those vaccinated in the regions (some of them are state employees, and these are not the main guests of restaurants).

Do you think they will all go to restaurants? Half at best!

Companies go to restaurants more often. And there are always unvaccinated people in companies, as a result - together these people will decide to gather not in a restaurant, but in someone's apartment or office.

And where is there a greater risk of infection? In a restaurant where the temperature is checked at the entrance, 60% of employees are vaccinated, cool ventilation — or when companies gather at home?

If the regions are taking such steps for the sake of vaccination itself, then this is also very strange. For example, when kuars were introduced in Moscow, everyone who wanted to get vaccinated did it in due time, after which the codes were canceled after 2.5 weeks.

That is, this measure makes sense when it is introduced for a short time, or - together with other measures. But only as an anti-cancer panacea, in my opinion, it is absolutely meaningless.

And what do we have now?

I often hear the phrase: "But in Europe, there are "kuars" everywhere.

Keyword: everywhere. And here they are introduced point-by-point, in certain industries, without which you can definitely do without.

In short, the regions that introduce "kuars" at home are at great risk today: restaurants simply will not be able to work in such conditions. Yes, when there will be massive devastation, the codes, of course, will be canceled. But we will not be able to restore what has been created for decades.

And today this is definitely the worst measure of impact on business," Sergey Mironov raised the issue with an edge
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