a quarter of a century on guard business


Sergey Mironov congratulated the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers on its 25th anniversary
Body of news: Ombudsman for the restaurant business met with colleagues at the 25th anniversary of the FRiO.

“The holiday, of course, is cool - I am very glad to see everyone,” Sergey Mironov shared his emotions.

He also noted that, from his point of view, the Federation really brings together: in fact, it was created by the business itself, and now (largely thanks to the FRIO) the industry has become advanced.

“We are seeking changes in laws, restaurateurs receive subsidies, and the abolition of VAT has become an event for the whole country - and this, of course, is far from all that we are working on today
It is clear that one is not a warrior in the field. But when we talk together about the problems of our sphere, we fight for entrepreneurs, the authorities listen to us and hear us,” the Ombudsman emphasized.

Sergey Mironov wished FRIO many years and added: "It's cool that we are a team!"
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