with colleagues about the restaurant


Sergey Mironov spoke at the conference "Bread and circuses" from the newspaper "Vedomosti". This is the first conference entirely dedicated to the restaurant business.

"With fellow restaurateurs and representatives of the tourism industry, we discussed how the pandemic hit the "horeca", how our restaurant market is now trying to change the format, why a courier in the capital today is a prestigious and highly paid profession, and how the industry is living at the beginning of the fourth wave

We also touched on restrictions in the regions. So today Moscow has already strengthened control over masks, Chuvashia cancels mass events, 90% of beds are occupied in the Rostov region, Saratov Region has suspended hospitalization altogether, and Perm Krai, Ulyanovsk Region and Udmurtia are introducing QR codes. But the main thing here is not to panic and try to do without excesses.

We also discussed Michelin in Russia. The nearest distribution of elephants (or rather, stars) is waiting for restaurants on October 14. And the main thing, in my opinion, is that this event does not turn into another competition of PR people, but becomes truly unbiased and objective," Sergei Mironov said.