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Sergey Mironov congratulated the head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow on his birthday.

"I want to congratulate Alexey Anatolyevich - first of all - as a person who knows the entire capital's business perfectly from the inside.

For me, he is generally a vivid example of a caring civil servant. I would even say: exemplary: when a person is really "sick" of the problems of entrepreneurs, he always delves deeply into them and treats the smallest details with understanding.

And the Department under his control approaches the work with full responsibility: it does not just inform entrepreneurs about subsidies, but explains everything, controls that they receive them on time, strives to help.
In general, real professionals are always on the watch of entrepreneurs.

I wish Alexey Anatolyevich good health, nerves of steel and productive work in a team of like-minded people," Sergey Mironov wrote on his page in social networks.
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