children's restaurant


"To children in an adult way" - here the secret motto of new restaurant "Мясо&Рыба Children's".

"The youngest" currently the member of the family of Мясо&Рыба network of the restaurateur Sergey Mironov opened in shopping center "Kuntsevo Plaza".

Why to Moscow next children's restaurant? The owner of network answers this question so: "Actually, this niche actually was empty. And those children's cafes that exist now, never and were restaurants literally. Or in general represented small snackbars at game rooms or large entertainment complexes. We, having rolled such format in the children's hall of one of our restaurants in Riviera, understood that we can quite threaten also on full-fledged separate restaurant for children".

But - not only for children. Sergey Mironov emphasizes: the emphasis in "Мясо&Рыба Children's" is placed on the menu. Which all dishes highly skilled cooks developed taking into account requirements of the growing organism of little guests. Of course, the pizzas or burgers loved by children will not manage here and without so. But all this from natural and "healthy" Russian products will be prepared.

"My many family friends asked me to open such restaurant long ago", - Mironov tells. Also adds: "These people looked for the place where they could gather all family and that in it is mute equally tasty and not dull was to both little, and her adult members. And it seems to me that at us turned out".

Restaurant on the 4th floor "Kuntsevo the Plaza" - the real "small country": with a spacious game zone, entertainments and even a roundabout for kids.

The special attention is deserved also by "nature corner": with tiny monkeys - tamarins beloukhy, chinchillas, a royal python, a chameleon and popugaychik.

For that young guests did not start missing, animators will watch.

And cooks and confectioners will answer any inquiries of small gourmets on which table they will get "monster neck" and color pelmeni, mini-burgers and many other things.

Mothers and fathers for certain will estimate also that "Мясо&Рыба Children's" - first of all, the real restaurant on 112 places and own verandah (in warm season the number of places increases to 220). With the corresponding menu, service and the attitude towards the guest.
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