restaurant from the star


Sergey Mironov asked to comment on a situation. The rapper Morgenstern opened restaurant in the center of Moscow. In the menu gold Kaif burger, Porn Star cocktail, and an entrance to restaurant only for 18+. The idol promised that an institution will be "best", but then media were written that the public quickly declined, the musician doesn't go on restaurant any more. Guests were frightened of the prices, and the celebrity as if already looks for the professional manager.

Sergey Mironov devoted to loud opening a separate post in social networks. At itself(himself) on pages on Facebook and Instagram it wrote: "This story reminded me another. Let's say the person dreamed of the sky and bought the plane. Things are easy: to sit down in the pilot's cabin, to fill full salon of friends. Or the new pilot after all missed the moment about "long and to study persistently"? And here: "from the actor" or "from the singer" today you will surprise with restaurants nobody. As these people can argue: "The restaurateur Pupkin could, and I will be able. Money is, a big name too, fans to me will go".

But at any restaurant "from a star", the scenario about one: at first — the high interest of the guest. People want a selfie with an idol, "burger from him". But whether will come repeatedly — a big question. It is unlikely the celebrity will be able always to hang out at restaurant, so, the guest will gradually forget the road here. When I am asked: "I want to open the restaurant. What should I do? I'm saying: "The professional has to be engaged in restaurant business. The person who knows how to choose the place whom to employ what will be expenditure (not to be surprised that money more many times left) and whether, at last, there will be viable all project".

The 90th years when (due to the lack of the competition) the restaurant concept of any "kettle" could shoot, long ago behind. Now rivalry in our business powerful. And to restaurant "from a star" not only the big name is important. Will go to constant star parties, or to cool kitchen which should be able to be started. And in restaurant business it is better for beginners not to create illusions. As to any serious business, to ours it is important to study "from bottoms". Well or not to invent the bicycle and to take a franchize for development, having invited to the help of the professional manager".
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