the country is wide


Who eats well, he has a good... rest.

Sergey Mironov shared with his followers on social networks what inspires him to travel around Russia.

Where does a restaurateur draw strength from when there is a lot of work? I love hunting, yoga, fishing, but most of all - traveling.

"It has always been interesting for me to travel around the world, but Russia is on a special account here: Kamchatka, Magadan, Murmansk Region, Yakutia, Amur Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory — it is a real pleasure to visit such places," the restaurateur wrote in his post.

He posted a video of grayling fishing in Magadan, described how he went out to sea for halibut. In the summer I fished in Volgograd, was in the mountains in Dagestan, and from recent trips to the CIS, I was on a trout farm in Kyrgyzstan

"But (as a restaurateur) first of all

I am interested in the cuisine of each region, its local product. Once in Kaliningrad we met with restaurateurs, and I jokingly said: "I want to try your smoked eel, I won't even meet without it!"

I always try to bring interesting recipes from trips in general.

So, in Moscow I used to try a trumpeter, but I didn't fully understand him: I didn't see a bright taste, I was perplexed - more expensive than rapana, why bother with this clam at all?! And in Magadan I tried different dishes from it, appreciated it, and soon we will introduce the trumpeter to our menu.

I often visit interesting restaurants in other cities.

By the way, the restaurateurs who read me on social networks are always trying to treat me. And although I do not advertise where I go (I prefer to pay at the restaurant, and not to be recognized and the account closed for me - then I feel somewhat uncomfortable), restaurateurs still meet very warmly," Sergei Mironov added to the post and in the comments asked subscribers to give him advice on which corners of Russia it is definitely worth visiting next time.

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