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Why can't domestic wine become popular in our own country? The situation was clarified by Sergei Mironov.

It's no secret that Russian wines (with rare exceptions) have not received mass distribution in Russia.

And here I do not take large players like Abrau-Durso (they are just fine with this), rather, we are talking about small developing wineries.

But in any case, the reason is very simple: business "on the fault" -

originally a long game. It takes a long time to grow grapes, to acquire a name, to keep prices low, to spend money on marketing.

And all this in order to slowly occupy the market - in a word, I repeat: money is not fast at all. In principle, you can make money on wine only gradually, due to volume, turnover, and when you finally get used to the market.

And Russian winemakers usually try to make money here and now, immediately, hence the problem.

Russian wine has always lost to both the New World and Italy, because in terms of the “price / quality” ratio, the latter have a rather serious advantage. Well, and one more thing: if some assortment of Russian wines is still presented in stores, then there are practically none in the wine lists of restaurants.

“And now the situation has developed in such a way that due to the exchange rate of the dollar and the euro, the price of imported wines will double. Russian winemakers will gain an advantage and begin to penetrate the market.

But the main thing here is that they do not raise prices and do not try to once again play on this, because, unfortunately, very often the Russian market in various products today has taken a course precisely towards “adjusting” imported products to the price.

And if Russian wines do not increase in price now, they will get a chance to firmly occupy their niche in the market. But when they conquer it, it will be difficult for Western wines to squeeze them out of their place (after the stabilization of the exchange rate), ”Sergey Mironov assessed the situation.
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