Children's chess tournament


Checkmate, meat and fish.

What the general at our restaurant in VEGAS Kuntsevo and young chess players?

Open Grand Anatoly Karpov's final!

At this our restaurant on Sunday summed up the results of a series of stages of the Children's Cup and the Children's award.

Several last months, including, and at Мясо&Рыба restaurants, children battled for permits in the final.

And the shown best results in selection stages as a result could fight for the first prizes.

And to apply was on what: the trip to the international tournament of Anatoly Karpov to Spain was at stake.

The repeated world champion became the guest of fights too. He greeted future "colleagues" and wished them good luck.

And in breaks between fights players could be supported with dishes from the kids menu.

By the way, good luck this time smiled to several children at once.

We congratulate future grand masters!
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