shocking for restaurateur


Fashion restaurant: how to create and earn money.

Sergey Mironov spoke at the seminar of the same name with Oleg Nazarov and Alexander Zaturinsky.

For all those involved in the restaurant business (from investors and managers to chefs), it was organized in Alexander's new Madison restaurant club.

Two days here they shared various secrets of the business, and the founder of Meat & Fish was invited to reveal his life hack and tell how to build work with bloggers.

"I said that I myself sometimes epathize the public a little. In posts I allow myself a provocation, but - within reasonable limits. I post photos with beautiful girls, with popular bloggers who eat shrimp, oysters or crab at our place.

And the main thing is that this post was slightly scandalous, provoked readers to discuss. So that readers in the end also wanted to come to us and try the dish that the blogger eats.

Previously, I instructed PR workers to work with bloggers, then I decided to build relations with them myself. Make acquaintances, contact and communicate. And indeed: many bloggers eventually became my friends.

I do not consider bloggers to be darmodians or whippers. Well, they, in turn, constantly need content. That's how the very productive cooperation is obtained, beneficial to both the blogger and restaurateur, and his restaurant, "Sergey Mironov shared with the audience
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