autonomy or arbitrariness


I have been interested in one question for a long time: are we not overrun our Russian regions with independence?

On the one hand, everything is logical: it is necessary to make the right decisions on the ground, based on the current situation, and the regions are given the right to this. But on the other hand, it turns out a complete absurdity. One measure with the "crown" of what is worth

Someone introduces restaurant closures from 9 pm, someone with a 11, someone - from 1 a.m. (as in the Vladimir region), someone does not close them at all. Here are simple examples:

"Restaurant Peter" closed even earlier than Moscow, from October 22 (from 23.00 to 6 in the morning) and generally stopped working fast foods; Pskov and Sverdlovsk regions did a similar way

Saratov region forbade "common pit" to work after 21.00

Murmanskaya region closed restaurants from March 27. And for almost six months: until August 19. And now (if the norms of Rospotrebnadzor are repeatedly violated) restaurants there threaten to close altogether. They promise to do the same in the Kurgan region

But in Primorye - on the contrary: they softened the previous ban. And allowed restaurants to work until midnight

According to data at the end of October, they do not intend to limit the work of restaurants (you can continue at night) in the Voronezh region

And what happens? Some limit mass events, others allow them. In some regions, you can work with fast food, in others these establishments are closed. After the cancellation of the first lockdown, restaurants around the country opened completely chaotic, without any connection with the real number of infected.

Do you know how often such decisions are made? Something needs to be done because there is a lot of coronavirus. And some boy or girl sitting in some department gives a gorgeous idea to their boss. He approves it, carries it to the very top, and there they sign a similar decree or decree. Well, a boy (or a girl) was mistaken and in his paucity turned a whole branch of business into collapse: sorry, friends, it just happened! And the restrictions on the inhabitants of this region are also imposed with the easy hand of such girl boys.

"We all seem to live in the Russian Federation, not in different countries of the world. So why do we all work... different rules? Which, moreover, are officials on the ground inventing? And why is there a dialogue with business in one place, everything is decided jointly, and decisions without detailed study are not made at all, and in another, with one stroke of the pen, people are condemned to bankruptcy? We have a Constitution, equal rights. So why are some incompetent people (sometimes - covering their own asses, or creating the illusion of timely action, not delving at all how their steps will affect the rest) decide everything for us? What is this about and is it time to stop it? Is it time to remove these volutaristic powers, because it is already clear that they do not lead to anything good?, "Sergey Mironov outlined the problem.