post about fasting


Maslenitsa is over, but tasty and healthy dishes at Meat & Fish are not over - Sergei Mironov told subscribers about this on his social networks

He noted that fasting food can and should be varied, and what you eat these days should be prepared from natural and healthy products.

Take at least one of the dishes in our Lenten menu: sautéed vegetables with mushrooms in pumpkin bread

Here are stewed zucchini peppers and bell peppers, tomatoes and eggplant onions and carrots,

and also - champignons, cilantro, and of course - fragrant and crispy pumpkin bread, which we bake ourselves.

And there are several such dishes in restaurants at once.

By the way, this year a novelty appeared in the lenten menu: broccoli with peanut sauce

We are already waiting for you, come try
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