At the cost of struggle and effort


Sergey Mironov shared with his colleagues the happy news: since July 19, "kuars" for restaurants in Moscow have been officially canceled. The "restaurant" business ombudsman wrote in social networks that this event did not become a thunderbolt out of a clear sky for him: systematic and persistent work was underway to cancel the codes. So, shortly before the cancellation, Sergey Mironov and other restaurateurs prepared and sent an open letter to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, where they described in detail the situation with the rate of vaccination of restaurant employees, and also told that the "code mode" literally put the industry on the verge of survival.

"We were heard, which once again proved that today the capital has the most optimal climate for business, and the authorities were again ready to make the right decision, support us and meet the restaurateurs halfway," Sergey Mironov said.
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