violator or wrestler


In Moscow in January, several more places were "covered," working after 23:00.

Now they face a fine of up to half a million rubles, or closure for ninety days. Sergey Mironov asked subscribers in social networks how, in their opinion, it is worth treating this.

"We will immediately determine: these are not single bars and clubs; there are a huge number of such establishments. So, on New Year's Eve alone, I myself was invited to five such closed parties. The most cautious invite people until ten in the evening, then they no longer work at the entrance (only at the exit). And, of course, the guests are warned that they would better have time to get there before that time. Those who dare just work at the entrance all night. At first they launched only proven permanent guests, and now they spat on this and open the doors to everyone in a row.

The fight against such places also looks rather strange: armed people in body armor and helmets "cover" some establishments only from time to time, conducting directly indicative counter-terrorism operations.

At the same time, all social networks are full of posts and stories from various night events. Yes, any person who is knowledgeable in our field will reveal all such institutions in Moscow in a day or two.

Who are they: proud rebels who do not obey the authorities, or hapugs who, for personal profit, take an evening guest from law-abiding restaurants and frame the entire restaurant community under even harsher restrictive measures? I have formed my point of view on all this situation for quite some time, but I will not voice - I do not want to influence the discussion. Colleagues, what do you think about this?, "Asked Sergey Mironov