burger stumbling


"Meat & Fish" commented on the possible departure of "McDonald's" from our country.

“There are about 250,000 catering establishments in Russia.

Well, 850 fast food outlets will leave - so what ?!

It's only 0.34%!

And then immediately the main topic: who will replace McDonald's.

Why replace it at all? If the company terminates the lease agreements, all these places will quickly be taken away by other market participants, and other restaurants will be happy to invite employees (there are not enough people in our industry).

Suppliers are also quickly redirected to other establishments (they still remember that there is a shortage of food now due to problems with their arrival from abroad.

Will burger lovers suffer? So they will go to Burger King, FARSH, Black Star Burger, Burger Heroes.

In general, the very situation when the problem is sucked from the finger: as if we don’t have other problems anymore, ”Sergey Mironov summed up.
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