plus or minus


The Bank of Russia introduces acquiring restrictions of 1%. Sergei Mironov commented on the situation.

“In fact, the measure is completely logical: why do we also pay some additional funds to the bank for the use of our money ?!

In Europe, for example, bank acquiring is generally limited to 0.5%, and for some industries - even less, but in Russia it (in fact) has turned into a sales tax in favor of banks.

But in this joyful spoon of honey, everyone somehow did not notice a big barrel of tar: that this restriction on acquiring will affect ... only some areas, and not all at all (for example, fitness and restaurant business are not there at all).

And - most importantly - it will only affect ... the Mir cards.

So why aren't all other industries included here? What, they don't need it?

And why didn’t this affect Visa and MasterCard (after all, banks have now become easier for them: they no longer need to pay to the departed payment systems, and they take all the money for themselves).

In general, the most serious flaw is evident. It remains to be hoped that this is only the first step, and the second will follow, bringing everything to a fair result.

I myself will begin to raise this issue in all instances where I can reach, ”Sergey Mironov summed up