the end of nightlife


The news that Rospotrebnadzor everywhere banned restaurants from working from 23:00 to 6 in the morning excited many. ⠀

But Sergey Mironov took the news skeptically and urged his colleagues to "read the documents correctly." There were no bans, there were only recommendations for the leaders of the subjects.

And to close restaurants or not - depending on the situation "on the spot" will be decided by the regional authorities themselves.

Unfortunately, some regions introduced this measure (a ban on restaurants from 23:00 to 6 in the morning), without even waiting for the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor.

In Moscow, the authorities are not going to go for such a thing. But if it does happen, let's figure out who this measure will affect. Of course, this measure is primarily directed against nightclubs and bars.

I have no idea how they'll survive. Many, of course, will simply not stand the second lockdown. And it is unclear what to do with a two-percent loan, because the state is ready to pay it off only if 90% of employees managed to save. And what personnel can we talk about if the institution has closed? It seems to me that with this closure it is necessary to urgently review the conditions for issuing loans and allocate an additional package of assistance to those who fell under it.

As for restaurants, many of them really work until midnight-1 a.m., it is clear that such a ban cannot but affect them. But, in my opinion, if in clubs and bars the measure reaches its goal by limiting the distribution of coronavirus, then in restaurants, rather, the effect may well be negative: those guests who could gather here by midnight and at night will simply provide a denser landing by ten to eleven in the evening.

I want to call everyone again: colleagues, let's just implement the simple recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor. After all, it is not only the safety of our employees and guests that is at stake. Those restaurateurs who do not comply with the measures directly substitute everyone else, demonstrating that the entire community is not able to adhere to the most elementary measures. That's how it turns out: one of the colleagues is banally lazy, and this turns into more and more new bans and checks, from which everyone else ends up suffering, "the founder of Meat & Fish posted such an appeal to restaurateurs on his social networks
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