Beauty and service of Abkhazia


Sergei Mironov described his trip to Abkhazia on social media. The founder of "Meat & Fish" shared his impressions and appreciated the level and quality of service.

Mironov the traveler was especially impressed by Lake Ritsa, which changes color at different times of the year. Appreciated Sergei Mironov and Stalin's dacha located here.

"Abkhazia itself literally breathes history. Special attention is paid to Stalin's dacha. It was built on the lake shore 70 years ago (a little later, Khrushchev's dacha appeared in its neighbors), but the mansion has been perfectly preserved to this day. And, by the way, it pleasantly surprises with its … With modesty: inside everything is very laconic.

Next is the New Athos Monastery (it is generally a local legend, if I may say so: founded in 1875 with the participation of Emperor Alexander III, the beauty is rare and majestic): it shines with golden domes surrounded by mountains. "Russian Athos" was popular with pilgrims even at the construction stage, and the alley (leading from the sea pier with cypresses) is called "royal".

The Abaata hotel in which we stayed is also decent. I was initially criticized by the hotels of Abkhazia, but, staying there, I did not find anything reprehensible, on the contrary, I liked everything, "Mironov wrote in his social networks.

He noted the hospitality of local residents and the host, but he criticized the restaurants of Abkhazia constructively. "In principle, I have never met such a weak service for a long time: it seems that no one needs anything at all - there are a great many tourists, they will pay for everything anyway (but perhaps I just did not have a chance to eat here in the right restaurants)", - wrote Mironov.

As a result, the restaurateur warmly recommended Abkhazia to his audience for a visit, adding that on the same day he flies to St. Petersburg, where he has not been for almost two years.