student's practice


Study, the student! The Swiss restaurant at which worked received a star of Michelin... students. "The special dish" writes about it. According to the edition, it is about educational restaurant Le Berceau des Sens at school of hospitality Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. At the same time the chef of an institution emphasized that the high award for them though was very honourable, but nobody set the purpose to receive it here after all. The main thing for owners of an institution was to help students finally to decide on future profession and to bring up to itself worthy change. It is reported also that children worked at restaurant only waiters while the professional team of cooks worked at kitchen. Besides: full-fledged restaurant this place became only as far as years back. At first there was only such here "source of manpower", but now guests should reserve tables several weeks prior to a visit.

Similar practice - to invite students to practice to itself - several years also the Мясо&Рыба network adheres. So, in February we regularly open doors for students in a RANEPA. Those children who in the future see themselves workers of restaurant business under the leadership of experienced mentors can test themselves in business. Usually it is about students of different courses. But this year (for the first time in the history of our network) on a work practice to us almost all first-year students of profile faculty wanted to get. Till April 2 at all our restaurants of 65 children test as waiters, bartenders and assistants to cooks not to kitchen. Then students will undergo certification for all standards of network, will receive characteristic and deserved estimates from our trainers. For what do all of us do it? There is no secret: as well as our Swiss colleagues, thus "Мясо&Рыба" raises worthy change. So, probationers become irreplaceable assistants to personnel in the "hottest" days: On February 14, 23, on March 8. And, as shows experience of previous years, some of these children really then come to us to work and do successful career in "Meat&Fish"
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