green it was


The international exhibition "Green Week" took place in Berlin.

For 10 days young and creative chef from Moscow headed by the President of the National Association of Culinary of Russia Victor Belyaev surprised German guests with their master classes and fed dishes of Russian, or more precisely, Moscow cuisine prepared according to modern and historical recipes.

Our brand-chef Sergei Lobachev also went to Berlin. Tar-tar made of sluggish moose with frost and caramel mayonnaise, Sakhalin scallop with carrot cream and buckwheat chips, calf cheeks in kvass with potatoes baked in ash and chaviche baked in honey and mustard - all of which he offered to try visitors to the exhibition.

In my opinion, such international gastronomic meetings are both important and necessary. I have long said that young Russian cooks are surely breaking their way abroad. And today they in many ways even better than their foreign colleagues: participate in prestigious competitions, take prize-winning places, perfectly cope with high cuisine.

Well, "Green Week" once again stressed how interesting our, Russian product is abroad. With Moscow chiefs Berliners met personally, were photographed, recorded recipes. This is how the original dishes from Moscow were able to unite two countries: Germany and Russia, "- spoke about the" gastronomic war "of Russian chiefs Sergey Mironov
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