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Delivery rate: coronavirus increased demand for couriers
Average salary of food distributor increased by 20%, and employees on personal bicycles are most in demand

With the spread of COVID-19 in Russia and the tightening of measures to prevent it, the demand for delivery services has increased. According to the HeadHunter, the interest of employers in couriers increased by almost 40% during the month. The salary of applicants has already risen by 20% and, apparently, will not stop there, noted in Superjob. The recruits pay special attention to potential employees with personal bicycles and samokats: they will be able to fulfill more orders than walking couriers.

The spread of a new type of coronavirus has led to increased demand for delivery services. According to the data provided to "News" by HeadHunter, the number of open vacancies of couriers in the three weeks of March, compared to the same period in February, increased by 38%. The COVID-19 situation began to deteriorate just earlier this month. On March 2, the operational headquarters for the prevention of the import and spread of a new coronavirus infection in Russia reported on the Russian who brought the infection to the country from Italy, and on March 5, the Mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin introduced a high-readiness regime in the capital. Other regions later followed suit.

At the same time, the number of summaries created by job seekers from March 1 to March 18 is 11% less than in the first three weeks of February (4,854 and 5,469 respectively).

The decrease in the number of responses of applicants is noted by Superjob: its founder Alexey Zaharov informed "News" that in general this indicator fell by 20%.

- Now the increased demand for couriers and delivery services, many simply do not have time to fulfill orders and raise prices for their services. The same is true in the sphere of taxi, where prices jumped by 50-70% during peak hours, - he said. - Delivery services increased by about 20%, and on average the courier in Moscow with this in mind now receives about 50 thousand rubles. If the situation with the spread of coronavirus becomes worse and the measures tighten, this figure will continue to grow.

The interest of employers can also be traced to the interest in the responses of applicants.

- Recruits start viewing the resume as soon as the response comes and invite everyone to interview. Earlier they waited until ten responses collect, for example, and only then looked through, - Alexey Zakharov explains.

In addition, the expert noted, in the texts of many announcements there was a requirement of personal transport: the courier on a bicycle or samokat will be able to deliver more orders.

In paper packages
Today, most couriers are engaged in the delivery of finished food and products. Part of the capital restaurants intend to stop customer service in the halls from March 18 and completely switch to the food delivery format. This is stated in the letter of the Federation of Restaurants and Hotels (FRiO) to the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail Misustin.

- The epidemic affected us fatal.People go to restaurants less and less or stop going at all. Everyone understands it 's panic. In fact, restaurants are quite safe: there are both bactericidal lamps and treatment with antiseptics, - said "News" Vice President of FRiO Sergey Mironov.

The transition to food delivery, he said, is a long and costly process.

- For example, in Moscow 90% of all delivery is on pizza, sushi - these restaurants have long had their own cars, operators. But to switch to such a format to others, it will take six months and a lot of investment. Of course, some will try to do that. That is, now financial turnover can be increased by those who have worked mainly for delivery - fast food enterprises, fast cajual, - added the expert.

Sergey Miranda also noted that aggregators should control the state of health and protection of couriers from infection.

The press service "Ivanex.Food" News "reported that in recent days the number of applications for connection to the service from restaurants has almost quadrupled.

- We decided to dramatically reduce the time of consideration of such applications. According to the accelerated procedure, after providing all the necessary information, the restaurant will be able to connect to the platform in 24 hours. In normal time the procedure takes up to seven days, - said the representative of the service.

The most moving goods in "Ivanex.Food" and "Ivanex.Shop" now - hygiene, grocery and children s food. Demand for delivery from catering establishments will catch up with them in growth in the coming weeks, the press service predicts.

The KFC News network reported that restaurants continue to operate as usual, but increased security measures: the frequency of cleaning and sanitation of premises has increased. In order to reduce contacts, all orders are collected in paper packages, even if the customer is going to eat in the room. With each order wet wipes are issued free of charge, and on request at the cash register you can get a nurse.

- In the coming days we will complete the installation of separate dispensers with sanitation in all restaurants of the network, except food courts. At the same time, we have done everything possible to ensure that the site and delivery partners, including the Delivery Club, are ready to increase the number of orders, - said the representative of the network. - In addition, the mandatory measurement of body temperature of all employees on the shift, as well as visual control of their physical condition.

Similar measures have been taken in the network of coffee houses "Chocolate." There "News" told that they observe the necessary safety measures (sanitary treatment of premises, measurement of temperature of employees), all orders also began to be issued in paper bags.

In the Chinese restaurant J.Z. Peking Duck "News" reported that they work in regular mode, observing all necessary security measures.

The press service of McDonald 's News said that the network will continue to work throughout Russia.

- We have bactericidal lamps installed in kitchens, our employees work in gloves, we disinfect all surfaces, offer guests free antiseptic, - said in McDonald 's.
To a checkpoint
Delivery services began to practice a contactless method of transferring orders from courier to customer.

- The courier places an order for a thermosumen and goes to a distance of several meters while the client takes it, - explained in the press service of "Ivanex.Food" and "Ivanex.Shops."

Since March 13 this option, according to the representative of KFC, is available in the service Delivery Club. However, the delivery man who brought to the correspondent "News" food from the restaurant of this network, though kept at the distance of an extended hand, but the order handed over personally. He said they had been promised masks since Thursday or Friday.

Disinfection products employees of "Ivanex.Food" and "Ivanex.Shops" can get free of charge in the offices of their courier services, said the representative of the service. The employee temperature monitoring mechanism is also started. Couriers can refuse to be delivered to infectious hospitals, and to other medical institutions are delivered only to the pass-through.

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