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How to preserve the restaurant industry, help it get on its feet and get stronger after the pandemic - these and other issues were discussed by the restaurant committee at a meeting of the Moscow branch of Business Russia.

The meeting was held by Sergey Mironov. As the head of the committee, he spoke about the dialogue with the Moscow and federal authorities, ministries and departments, working issues that he and his colleagues continued to solve in the midst of quarantine.

According to Sergei Mironov, "it was possible to achieve relief for the industry, but there are still many problems from relations with landlords to a shortage of qualified personnel."

Among the support measures from the Moscow Government, he allocated subsidies for restaurants for payments to delivery services, as well as a loan subsidy program (both current - 6% and new - 8%).

Sergei Mironov emphasized that thanks to the position of the Moscow Department of Economics, the old problem was solved when companies trading in excise goods (that is, including all restaurants) could not claim state support measures.

And after consultations of the federal and Moscow Rospotrebnadzor, the requirements for catering enterprises have also changed: they were reduced to 16 at the federal level, there are now 23 in Moskveteniya.

Now we have to work on changing the taxation system of the restaurant industry. So the Moscow Government has already supported the MRO proposal - to reduce VAT to 10% for restaurants and hotels.
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