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Food takeout
Certainly, delivery aggregators become more and more now. They actively develop and entice potential clients everything new actions and offers, competing among themselves. And restaurateurs are forced to develop this world too!

So, if still yesterday you perfectly did without delivery, today to manage it will not turn out, your competitors actively use it. Favourably it for them or not, question second. But they in that case will be one step away ahead of you.

Getting involved in a story with delivery, each restaurateur has to solve for himself whether his menu for this purpose is good, whether dishes on delivery will deteriorate. Unclear thermobags, strange couriers or the worthy company — here that should be analysed first of all. Whether you will earn from it or will just give 35   % to the aggregator for the fact that it carried your order, say, to the neighboring house? Guests from which and so would reach you once and made the order twice more … All these questions should be studied attentively accurately to realize whether it is favorable in general to your business.
"Search of the person"
How to find it? A certain leader can become your "identity". Perhaps, it will be the creative cook. And if the restaurant is faced by a task to be allocated on the general background, say, the owner of business can quite become such leader — as it occurred in my case.

It was simpler to act this way to me as I position the network "through myself". Certainly, there were attempts to rely on someone from employees — but every time I was disappointed a little. Here everything is simple: certain conditional "star", the famous person with which at guests an institution would be associated is good on single, but not on the network project. And here simple example: let's allow, I found the charismatic person among the subordinates. The person is bright, public, the speaker, but … is not able to consider at all. And in our case it is not option at all. This "leader" for network of restaurants has to be universal: to attract to itself both attention, and sales. Or you consciously divide the manager and such lead singer. The operator and (in good sense) the showman "2 in 1" — a combination the most rare. Therefore there is no universal recipe here, in my opinion, just.
Local food
To stick to local food as it seems to me, very difficult, local food in itself is very limited. Yes, in your menu there can be its some elements, but create from it the menu entirely it turned out hardly. And if we speak about some small region — especially. In that case when "local food" equally "Russian", already and it is possible to call it local only with a big stretch.

But also here it is necessary to understand: yes, it is possible to put emphasis only on domestic. However, the owner of business has to realize: our cooks in the majority are not able to work with our product. At us in general in this sense in the country (and in Moscow in particular) — some thirst for extremes: or cooks indeed do not know what to do with, say, chinook; or place emphasis on some recipes from a grandmother's trunk, calling them a local product. And golden mean in this question — isolated cases.

Here also leaves that local food is demanded by both the market, and the consumer. And modern cooks in a mass format cannot satisfy this demand!
Environmental friendliness
If the restaurateur stakes on it, he seriously limits himself in an opportunity to work with the menu. As also such it is a little products, and a concept of environmental friendliness disputable. Eco-friendly - it is as well as what? Refusal of an aquaculture? Well, we made it. And with meat how to be? To run on the wood, to slaughter deer?

Or to trust in producers? But then from the consumer questions are already quite natural: "And precisely to these bull-calves did not prick antibiotics? And they what ate grain? And who was engaged in sterns for this cattle? Whether there are in them no what nitrates?". And so on.

So, an emphasis on environmental friendliness — absurdity. Well, or your menu will consist of only several dishes. Yes, it is necessary to aspire to it. To speak about it too. But if some restaurateur is praised by the menu of the institution, faultless in terms of ecology, he tells a lie.
Subsidiary farm
The subsidiary farm for restaurant, by and large, is impossible — because you will not satisfy inquiries of restaurant with it. You can "play", grow up in it a petrushechka — 10   %, to buy other 90%. And to say to all that grew up everything.

I somehow was at one German plant. And showed me on hop which grows directly at an entrance. Also say: "Here, that hop. We do everything of it!". And I took the calculator and at them counted that on such productions of hop it is necessary in 120 times more.

That is it is history specific. And or you have a certain ecofarm at the other end of the world, or … In a word, subsidiary farm for big restaurant or network: a) it is impossible and b) unprofitably.

Besides: it is necessary to understand that production of a product on such economy — business expensive. If there do not use chemistry, everything becomes more expensive many times. And if use, then why such economy is necessary? Fruit or vegetables for restaurants choose not only "for appearance". And if to take the unique supplier, then, say, tomatoes grow at him two months in a year. And all rest of the time to the restaurateur what to do? And as you twist with environmental friendliness in Moscow area, the Uzbek or Azerbaijani tomatoes will be all the same better.

I consider: only the small small restaurant without special income can be fond of subsidiary farms. Also it is necessary to understand: in that case it any more not about business. You do as a hobby. You are proud of it. But then it is simpler in a kitchen garden at itself cucumbers to grow up. Houses a dish to prepare and for all to tell about "home restaurant". And about income and a turn history nevertheless absolutely another.
Guests and personnel from millenials
In other words, youth of new generation. Creative, not pathos, with clip thinking. How to me it is crossed or worked with such people? Great!

Not especially captious guests. Not especially understanding as has to be (as for dishes). It neither is good, nor it is bad - it is a reality such. So to say: these are the people close familiar with fast food. And even if the restaurant "will a little mess up", millenials will easily forgive it this "sin". Of course, and among them there are guests exacting. But you will never hear those claims which are voiced sometimes by people of the senior generation from these guests.

As for employees … The one who considers that he millenials — sharp, impudent and uncompromising,   — strongly is mistaken. Or never worked in 90. To me with these young people it is worked very easily! My experience says that as the subordinated such young people, on the contrary, quite appeasable, disciplined and make a compromise very easily.
"Bread and shows"
In other words, involvement of guests. Whether various parties have to take place, thematic actions or restaurant has to feed only?

Here everything depends on the concept — you are going to entertain or you in principle do not need it initially. In the modern world many quite combine both. Still some 20 years ago the restaurant without live music and restaurant would not be counted. 10 years ago the lack of a karaoke was bad manners. In other words, people always to food usual need also spiritual. And or it will be haute cuisine, or to your menu you should think up something else — already from entertainments for your guests.