meeting with adherents

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Recently the owner "Мясо&Рыба" visited Tekhnograda. So the modern educational complex of ENEA is called.

Bright pavilions opened here less than a year ago. And now here it is possible to master not less than 40 the working professions, most relevant for Moscow.

Нв I will meet "Club of development" of Sergey Mironov and colleagues - invited public ombudsmen the Representative for protection of the rights of businessmen in Moscow Tatyana Mineeva.

All together should define how in the next five years business in the capital will develop.

Sergey Mironov addressed the audience and told, than his working group is engaged. According to him, the purpose - in restaurant business - "to cut" excess and obsolete rules, to create the project, pilot for Moscow, on which regions will equal then. To everyone Mironov suggested to join the profile working group.

The meeting came out informal and live.

"I was glad to communicate to adherents!", - Sergey Mironov emphasized
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