Not everyone prefers to cut salads at home, because it is possible to spend New Year s Eve in an institution where not only will be fed, but also entertained. Were there many who wanted to meet 2020 in the restaurant and how did the requests of Russians change?

It is common to believe that New Year is a family holiday. And indeed, most Russians prefer to meet him with their loved ones and friends at home or at the cottage. But there are those to whom the romance of cooking salads on December 31 is not close. And they go to restaurants.

On this New Year 's Eve in Moscow, some establishments were closed, and the owners most likely regretted it, because the working restaurants were filled to refusal, says the restaurant, owner of the chain of restaurants "Meat & Fish" Sergey Mironov.

- Very well passed New Year s Eve. Everywhere was a bit, people tried to get in who didn 't have time to book places in restaurants, even at four or five in the morning. Much better than last year.

- It is clear, with what such demand can be connected?

- Last year fewer restaurants worked, and it seemed to everyone that this year will be even worse. So many chose to close at night. At least in Moscow there were definitely not enough restaurants. Traditional holiday, everything was as usual - musical programs, Grandfather Frost, Snow Maiden, fireworks.

In some restaurants on New Year s Eve there were quite democratic price tags - from 2-3 thousand rubles per person. For this amount the guests were offered classic dishes, show program, fireworks and dance floor.

But there were also expensive holidays - for 10 thousand and even 25 thousand rubles. For this money it was possible to taste the author 's cuisine, to watch the theatre production or to raise a glass under the toast of Goshi Kutsenko. But if you consider the average restaurant segment, at least there were more people on New Year 's Eve, but they tried to spend less. Therefore, restaurants often made concessions to attract clients, says the author and head of the Food & Fashion project Nadezhda Slavutskaya.

Nadezhda Slavutskaya

Author and project manager Food & Fashion

"More loyal became restaurants, allow to take alcohol with them. The restaurant market is adjusting to people 's opportunities, even though, in general, the price tag has grown. They make concessions, so there are more people. The restaurants make concessions in order to keep a little bit afloat. Because last year was a failure at all, and in the last two or three years. No one orders singers or special delights, that is, we are talking about the average restaurant segment. There is no money, so modestly, everyone gathered, noted, drank and went home. "

Another option to meet New Year 's Eve at home, but not to cook is to order food delivery. However, it was necessary to hurry here. For example, Delivery Club took orders until eight p.m. on December 31. As Business FM in the service said, this is due to the fact that many restaurants closed for special services or did not work at all.

In addition to ready food customers ordered food - such a service in Delivery Club appeared recently.And on the last day of the old year it was possible to watch online that Russians forgot to buy for the New Year s table, says the press secretary of Delivery Club Alexey Belousov.

Alexey Belousov

press secretary of Delivery Club

"All orders were very small. And after 18 o 'clock there were orders in which one item - mustard or cucumbers. It is clear that people started cooking salads and they lacked something. About delivery of ready dishes: one of the last orders, at 20:00 the courier comes to the address, calls the client, the client does not answer. Calls the doorphone, it 's off. The courier informs the support service, asks what to do, and here from the client comes a text message: "Wait 20 minutes, I will come down for you, do not call, do not go up." The story is that the client ordered food, but wanted to present it to the guests so that he prepared it himself.

And the guests came earlier, and, accordingly, the client had to come up with some excuse to leave and invisibly take food from the courier. "

Couriers Delivery Club on January 1 went to work only at two o 'clock in the afternoon, and orders immediately flowed, told in the service. Food delivery is a kind of mirror of the catering market. And if on December 31 there is a big demand for olivier and herring under the coat, in the first days of the new year clients give preference to food format parties - pizza and rolls. People will probably return to the usual burgers after the holidays.

By the way, among the most expensive programs of Moscow restaurants it is possible to mark New Year s Eve in "Doctor Zhivago" - there the ticket cost 35 thousand rubles, in "Erwin.River" - 40 thousand, in "Belug," Sixty and The Toy - 50 thousand rubles per person. And VIP-ticket to club "16 tons" cost 100 thousand rubles.