Time of the Chebureks

According to the restaurateur, with such a development of events in Moscow, only "cheburechny" and "shawarmic" can remain

Many restaurant owners hoped that after the opening of their institution there would be a large influx of visitors. However, deferred demand "worked" for only a week. This was told by the vice president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, the founder of the Meat and Fish restaurant chain Sergey Mironov during a press breakfast on July 8.

Recall that since June 23, restaurants and cafes have been fully operational in Moscow after a forced suspension of activities in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. As of July 7, almost 90% of institutions opened in the capital.

"Deferred demand in the restaurant and in the store are completely different things. If a person did not go to the store for three months and did not buy goods, then in the end he will come and buy what he needs. We record a market average revenue drop of almost 50% compared to last year. Restaurants that are focused on cinemas and business centers are now virtually free of revenue. The entrepreneur opened an institution, but he not only does not cover the previous expenses, but also continues to incur losses. What all this will result in is unknown. After all, many restaurateurs took loans, and how to give them away is not clear. But there are other situations: for example, at restaurants on Patriarchal ponds, revenue compared to 2019, on the contrary, has grown, "said the restaurateur.

According to Mironov, some landlords did not make concessions to restaurateurs and they simply lost their business.

"We were only able to partially solve the problem with landlords. The support measures that the state offered them do not suit everyone. For example, for a room in the city center, the rent was about 4 million rubles a month. In three months of forced downtime, a huge amount ran in. As a result, the restaurant ceased to exist, "said Mironov. - Another" headache "for restaurateurs is the ruin of food suppliers. After all, the owners of the establishments could not pay for the products that they purchased in advance.

The vice president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia believes that state support measures are not enough so that institutions can at least "stay afloat."

"It is likely that many will not survive. Additional measures are needed. For example, cancel taxes for the first quarter, which is now being postponed and relaxed for the third quarter. Because when the business closes, there will be no one to pay taxes at all and a huge number of jobs will be lost. If the country is covered by the second wave of the pandemic and restrictive measures are taken again, it will be a "control shot in the head" for entrepreneurs. And only "cheburechny" and "shawarmic" will remain in Moscow, "Mironov emphasized.
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