Whisky "with a smoke"


Today 's water is tomorrow 's whisky. That 's what Scots say.

The Meat & Fish founder spent late October on Isla Island, in the very south of Scotland.

This island is famous for its winemakers. Now there are 9 of them, and at one time there were 23. In fact, it is a whole region where whiskey is made with a special, smoky taste.

Local winemakers are not for nothing called the "heart" of the island: whiskey from here has a loud world glory.

Here they produce millions of litres of this drink. It is about Ayla 's whiskey that they say that he has a "unique character."

Sergey Miranda visited the winemaker

Bruichladdich, in the western part of the island, it was founded in 1881. Its name is translated into Russian as "Rocky Shore."

The water on the island is unique in its own way, with low levels of calcium and magnesium. By the way, whiskey water is taken from lakes, streams and rivers.

But those who say that the peat contained in the water strongly affects whiskey (allegedly because of it alcohol and acquires its smoky taste), according to experts, are not quite right.

Ayla 's "smoky" taste of whisky gives a saltwater barley. Salivation is the process when barley grain is modified and sugar appears in it. Barley is dried on open fire, and peat from local swamps serves as fuel. It

And releases phenol, which gives the beverage a characteristic aroma.
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