the virus will not pass


Sergei Mironov visited a round table at the news agency "TASS," where he discussed how news of a mass outbreak of this infection hit the restaurant and hotel industry.

Information panic did drive the normal work of restaurants. First, fewer guests were at Chinese restaurants, then at children 's restaurants, and now everyone else felt how the flow weakened. People are afraid to gather big companies in restaurants, do not want to celebrate children 's birthdays there.

At the same time, the restaurants themselves are used to the fact that from February to April they actively earn, it is possible to say, "dig fat" before the May lull. "But now, because of coronavirus, we felt a decline: at once by 30% of the projected revenue.

In addition, Chinese products began to disappear from the market, which affected prices and other products, and increased the price of vegetables.

"From my point of view, with coronavirus in Russia now after all inflated from a fly of elephant. In our country (and in Moscow in particular) the situation is under control.

For example, all restaurants received clear orders from the Russian Federation of Restaurants and Hotels, the metropolitan Department of Trade and Services. Restaurants are additionally trained by staff, hold "five minutes," because we are interested in the health of both our employees and guests.

And therefore, in my opinion, the most important thing for all of us now - not to lose control, not to believe "ducks" and to closely monitor the health, "- Sergey Mironov told at a press conference.
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