Virus pill

In academia, he is called COVID-19, in restaurants - a killer. Coronavirus has put restaurateurs in Russia on the brink of life and death. Many governments are now saving their economies, inventing a "vaccine" - not from the disease itself, but for the affected business.


Yesterday, optimists believed that empty restaurants knocked the industry by 50-70%. Soon, as in the real war itself, losses in revenue and flow amounted to almost 90%. We sent staff on vacation, worn with bactericidal lamps and antiseptics, drove employees with a temperature of 37 ° C home... But everything was in vain - in institutions with a ball of pokati, at least fields of them from a helicopter with an antibacterial gel. Worse than the virus except mass hysteria. People understood that in restaurants they are fighting for each guest and there is almost more sterile than in the operating room. But it seriously seemed to everyone that the only way out was to stock up on food for the future and lock yourself at home. And few thought that going to the store, dialogue with a saleswoman or paying for groceries at the box office was almost Russian roulette.

However, this was the case yesterday. Today, all establishments are simply closed.

In the war of entrepreneurship with coronavirus, their laws apply. Someone has already been killed (closed), others are trying to "chop off" part of their business in order to survive. But we realize that by closing even a few restaurants, we condemn them to the right death. And you can endlessly talk to employees about temporary measures, reducing working days or cutting salaries. Everyone understands: it will be worse further.


The worst now are those who work in the shopping center. If lessors do not make a compromise, then without penalties, a penalty fee, penalties your business cannot even be closed. But we are talking about dozens, if not hundreds of millions of rubles. Someone will say: "The rich are also crying," hinting that restaurateurs will get out. But we have not yet fully recovered from the 2014 crisis. Our army is already limping. The vast majority worked at a loss, and then a real war began.

But we do not wear that we are about to go around the world (although this may happen). With colleagues from the FRI, we wrote a letter to Prime Minister M.V. Mishustin - we demanded real support for small and medium-sized businesses (tax holidays and much more). However, there are measures that need to be taken immediately.

Exempt catering enterprises from the duties of paying taxes of all types by the end of 2020.
To fix at the legislative level that the spread of a new coronavirus infection for catering enterprises is an extraordinary and unpredictable circumstance, that is, an insurmountable force.
To establish at the legislative level the right of catering enterprises to suspend the conduct of commercial activities in the premises they rent during the high-alert regime. At the same time, prohibit premises landlords from applying any sanctions to catering enterprises for suspending commercial activity.
Establish holidays until September 1, 2020 for rental payments for the hospitality industry, namely for catering enterprises renting premises of federal, regional, municipal and commercial property.
Provide to the needy catering enterprises interest-free loans from state banks and a preferential delay of six months to pay for existing loans, overdraft.


I myself write letters to ministers, go to meetings, meetings of working groups. I prove the need for urgent support of our industry. Recently, a meeting was held with the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov - complex, but productive. He accepted our offers to work.

The coronavirus pandemic is not the time to think about profit. This is the period when you need to tighten your belts and go to meet colleagues. Of course, there are those landlords who cancel the rent for this time, but, unfortunately, their minority. The restaurant market will stand only if we stick together. And if the state hears us and provides much-needed help now.
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