Business empire and the personal life of Sergey Mironov


Sergey Mironov is the star man of today's restaurant market in Russia. He could have been a lawyer, but he became a restaurateur. I then studied at the law school and was going to be a lawyer because I simply decided to earn some money as a bartender. And I was constantly offered to become a manager. I began to consider this post as a step to the post of director. And so it happened: I worked as a manager for less than a year, after which I became the director of a nightclub, whose revenue went up very quickly. I brought order there, removed the theft and unnecessary people. And the profit was not just six times higher than the calculated one!

And in parallel with the work he began his personal life. Sergey Mironov never tells about his personal life, and few people know that he has a wonderful family - his wife Natalya and two children, a 20-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son. But it so happened that he came to St. Petersburg with Natalia to speak at the forum of the Restaurant Worker of the Food Business Show, and exactly on the day of the 25th anniversary of their acquaintance. 25 years, which include 23 years of happy marriage: they did it all! Why not remember how it all began?

In fact, when they met, quite by chance, in one of Moscow’s parks, he was with a friend, and she was with a friend. So they walked in three, and a friend periodically, seizing the moment, nervously whispered in her ear: “Why do you need him? You don't need him! ” But he called her, and she ... She promised to go with him to the disco and could not. “That's right! - A friend said and repeated: - Why do you need it? That's where he is now, what is he? .. ”. But he didn’t call anymore - and she didn’t have his phone

- And suddenly, more than half a year has passed, I am going to the subway, I turn around: he is standing, looking at me! And after that we did not part anymore ... - Sergey, you did not study specifically restaurant business? - I studied and continue to learn this all the time. I read books, learn from my colleagues, attend various events, where I also learn. And then I studied and worked all the time. “It wasn’t day and night,” confirms Natalia. - Indeed - day and night. Children, it seems to me, grew up without him.

- And it turned out that when I graduated from the institute, I was already the director of two institutions. And when choosing between the bar and restaurants, I preferred restaurants. Sergey, becoming the director of a nightclub and dismissing the chef, did you start working without a chef at all? - No, I took the chef, but the kitchen was already coming from me - the one I needed. However, the club closed after some time: this building was bought by other people who were engaged in a completely different business. And he first went to the manager in a cafe, and then - to fast food at the cinema "Five Stars", again very quickly adjusting the work so that all the investments of the owners paid off. It was then that Sergei first thought: why work for someone when you can work for yourself?

I made good fast food at the cinema, added a good restaurant to it, then another, then a pizzeria. And then the guys took another site in a historic building - in the House of Journalists, agreeing with the Union of Journalists and began to lead the direction of trade and catering of the Union of Journalists of Russia. And there I also did everything well, but the guys found my assistant, whom I once fired, and, having agreed that he would head the company, gave him Domzhur. They were going to give and the cinema "Five Stars", where I went, but Domzhur immediately fell, leaving two months later in minus

Our third partner, who was with these guys, said that he was taking another cinema, Kerch, and me. ". They quarreled with each other and eventually took a share from him, giving it to me It was “Kerch”, Biryulyovo: five restaurant zones, plus fast food. 500 seats - I had a full landing. This cinema then shook it so! Millions of dollars. For Biryulyovo it was not normal. Vidnoe came to me, Domodedovo, all Kashirka came to me, part of Moscow - we “strangled” around all the small bars and restaurants. And "Kerch" existed for a long time: I closed it only in May of this year - it should be demolished

“For many years I have been the absolute leader in anti-crisis consulting in Russia. We do not have a single consulting project. I do not have a single restaurant. There were restaurants that I sold - and only at the peak! There was no such thing as a restaurant rolling down the slope, and I sold it. In May, for objective reasons, I closed two restaurants that were opened in 2002 and 2004 - and they were profitable to the last. In 2014, without agreeing with the partners, I went out of business and sold the network at the peak - and they lost it ... ”
“Now I have abandoned all other projects except one,” says Mironov. - I have four restaurants “Meat & Fish”, and I build six more - five in Moscow, one in Volgograd. I hope that in November they will all be open. The menu is the same there, but each restaurant has its own characteristics, since it should be interesting for people who go there. Therefore, in each of them there are not only key, but also new elements - their own for each institution. After all, a restaurant on Tverskaya Street, a restaurant on 1.7 thousand square meters. meters in the shopping center "Riviera" and, for example, a restaurant at 1.5 thousand square meters. meters in "Vegas" can not be exactly the same
“What I want. I want to open 12 restaurants "Meat & Fish" in Moscow and see if you need to open more. In this case, we have two options. The first is that we will simply press the existing steakhouse without pushing them out completely: and then it will no longer be possible to open it, otherwise we will get wild cannibalism. The second option is that we will still squeeze out most of the steak houses and take the entire Moscow audience to ourselves: then you can open eight more restaurants. Moscow will pull 20 steakhouse calmly. Next: I need 30 restaurants in Russia. This is the original plan. Later, when there are more than 40 Meat & Fish restaurants in Russia, we will be able to close them in a competent network format.

Further. I do not want to be just a Russian restaurateur. I traveled the world, saw restaurant chains - I want such a network. Of course, this is a different market. This is an exit to Europe, this is a mandatory IPO, it is a completely different money. Therefore, here I do not put all the eggs in one basket and do not go with one investor. Brand belongs only to me, I own it

“My children have a very good example in front of their eyes,” says Natalia. - And now, for example, when my daughter has reached the age of choosing a partner, it’s hard to do: few compare with dad. He may be strict, but in fact very kind. Loves animals, especially dogs. He got up in the morning - and in the garden. This is his diocese. And there he also has an “animal world” - he breeds ducks, guinea fowls, rabbits. And I love to take care of the house. Absolute harmony! So, it would seem - I built only a career, but it turned out - I built a destiny ... Svetlana Kulikova We thank the PR service of Sergey Mironov for the photos provided. We are especially grateful to Natalia Mironova for the photo from the personal album.