Wetted about business


Circassian cod and the global restaurant market. Last week, the founder of Meat & Fish visited the Pro Business channel. There he became a co-host of a culinary show, where he told how he came to the profession of restaurateur and why, in his opinion, the work of a bartender is sometimes more promising than that of a lawyer or lawyer. And Sergey Mironov shared his plans for restaurants to go abroad. "Russian wild fish or farm beef is an environmentally friendly product that has long been loved by guests of our restaurants. So, he may well compete with the usual concepts somewhere in America or Europe. Our steak and fish house is unique in its own way, which we hope to convey over time to a foreign guest too. " And for the audience of the show, Sergey Mironov prepared cod on a "pillow" of tomatoes with Caucasian cheese
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