hand in hand


At breakfast about business with journalists and Tatyana Mineeva. In "Meat & Fish" on Tverskaya, 23\12, a press breakfast was held with the participation of federal and city media. Acted as speakers

Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Moscow and Sergey Mironov.

They told the media how entrepreneurs feel after the pandemic, what prospects business has, and how soon it will be able to recover from the coronacrisis.

We talked about the work of the team of ombudsmen. "At the height of coronavirus, we did not sit idly by: we interacted with the authorities, we looked for how else to help business. A lot of collaboration awaits us further. For example, to reduce the administrative burden on entrepreneurs. In my opinion, now it is especially important for us to protect colleagues from all kinds of checks and give their business a chance to get on their feet as soon as possible, "said Sergey Mironov.
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