Restaurants in a quarantine

Coronavirus increased control of taxi and restaurants
The epidemic of checks and regulations is increasing. Taxi drivers tell them how they are stopped and check if there are masks and antiseptics in the car. If not - a fine of tens of thousands of rubles. In addition, the Russian Federation obliged all visitors from abroad to leave for a two-week quarantine, and before that to report themselves to the hotline. In parallel, supervisors actively check restaurants.

The editorial office of Business FM was contacted by Anton, the owner of a small Moscow taxi park, and confirmed what the media had already reported. Employees of the Russian Federation together with traffic police stop taxi and check whether drivers comply with anticoronavirus measures. They, according to the entrepreneur, are as follows: the machine should have three masks, one bottle of antiseptic solution and wet wipes. After each trip, the driver is obliged to wipe these seat wipes.

It can hardly be verified. Although if the supervisors see that the passenger is out and the seat after it is dry, they can probably hit. But the main thing is that, according to the order of the Russian Federation, if the inspectors find violations, for example, the absence of masks, they can be fined 30 thousand rubles. At the same time, it is almost impossible to buy masks and antiseptics now, and wipes also disappear from supermarkets. It is clearly not going to issue all this to taxi drivers Rospotrebnadzor. Therefore, so far they do not fine, but very seriously warn, says Anton.

- Some drivers already met with such situation. They received "viral" warnings from the police, said that there were no masks in pharmacies at the moment and the solutions did not have time to buy. But they said that from next week will directly hard-hard check taxi drivers. All taxi parks now run and buy the last masks and antiseptics.

Did you manage to buy?

- On the fleet I bought masks and antiseptics, napkins, put in each car. I bought the last.

- This fine from every car, for every violation?

- Yes, if stopped, a fine for one car.

Why the taxi driver, if he is healthy, needs masks, why it is necessary to wipe seats and apply such draconian measures as it is, nobody explains. The Russian Federation is now the king and god with the broadest powers. Not tolFor example, the capital restaurants received instructions and recommendations from both the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Moscow government. Set tables at a distance from each other, wear masks, constantly disinfect everything, clean the air, measure the temperature of waiters, brave elderly customers.

And this is now that the institutions have already fallen revenue due to general fear. By the way, bona fide restaurants in spring and autumn, when people are sick, and so care more about cleanliness. But now strict employees of the Russian Federation constantly come to them to thoroughly check everything. Therefore, restaurants by their will even exceed the sanitary plan, says the owner of the chain of restaurants "Meat & Fish" Sergey Miranda.

Sergey Mironov
The owner of the chain of restaurants "Meat & Fish" There are separate orders from the Russian Federation, there are recommendations, which came, in particular, from the Department of Trade and Services of the Government of Moscow. Completely different prescriptions, but they 're all about the same thing. The Ministry of Industry and Trade also issued regulations the other day, in which it added that the distance between tables should be greater. Rospotrebnadzor comes, checks. Checks, watches, a lot where he walks. Now, I think, it is difficult to find a serious restaurant where it is not fulfilled. Restaurants exceed even what they write. Because allowing an employee who is sick to work means completely stopping the work. "

On Thursday, March 19, a new order of Rospotrebnadzor signed by the chief sanitary doctor Anna Popova was issued. Anna Yurevna obliged everyone who came from abroad, and no matter from which country, to go for a two-week quarantine. And the employer is obliged to assist in creating conditions for isolation.

The point is not very clear. For example, does this mean that employers will have to drive food to self-isolated employees? It is not all. Anyone who has returned from abroad is obliged to report it to the hotline of Rospotrebnadzor. What happens if someone doesn 't do it, the document doesn 't specify. But here the Duma has already entered the case, which intends to introduce criminal liability for violation of the quarantine.

The resolution of the Russian Federation comes into force from the date of publication, that is, from March 19. I wonder, and those who arrived on March 18 should also self-isolate? Or can they go to work? And what is the fundamental difference between them and those who returned to the embrace of the motherland a day later?

Business FM tried to ask all these questions to the Russian Federation, but it was not possible to contact the agency at the time of publication of the material. It is clear. Employees of the Russian Federation are now probably the most busy people in the country. And for no reason: the government allocated the department more than 1.5 billion rubles for payments to employees working in a strengthened mode. You can say, in gratitude for shock work. Only he 's all supervisors.

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