Restaurant "Prague" put up for auction

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Probably there is no person in Moscow who did not know about the "Prague" restaurant on the Arbat. One of the oldest institutions of the capital, opened in the late 19th century, today ... put up for auction. The initial price of the complex is almost 10 thousand square meters - about 2 billion rubles. Fabulous money! But in the territory of the former “Prague” one of the new “Meat & Fish” could have opened. We seriously considered this site. However, from a business point of view, making a restaurant in a building that is under the strict care of the Moscow Cultural Heritage Department is simply not profitable. Without the permission of the department can not move the chair! 
In addition, the premises of "Prague" are little adapted to the needs of modern restaurants - a complex layout of rooms, outdated communications. Sergey Mironov shared his opinion on the sale of one of the capital’s most famous catering services to the capital, with the correspondents of the Russia 24 TV channel.