Wines dinner

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On November 16, the first wine dinner in the history of our chain will be held at Meat & Fish in Kuntsevo Plaza. And to rule the ball on it will be wines from the Italian region of Piedmont. Gallardo family has been engaged in winemaking for almost two hundred years. Barolo vineyards are well known to connoisseurs. The representative of the family will be the guest of our evening. By the way, Barolo and their wineries will now also be in the new wine list.

What will dinner parties be able to try? Dolcetto d’Alba Paulin, Gianni Gagliardo harvest 2016, Barolo, Gianni Gagliardo 2014go Barolo Castelletto, Gianni Gagliardo 2013; Barolo, Gianni Gagliardo, Barolo Riserva Serre, Gianni Gagliardo, Archivio Storico-Library 2008 and Barolo Riserva Preve, Gianni Gagliardo, Archivio Storico-Library 2005. A graceful addition to wine tasting will be carpaccio of beef with espume blue cheese, tartar with passionate, grilled carrots with butter cream, pearl-barley porridge with smoked game, marbled beef grilled with our well-known peppers sauce, and the squash, I’ve put into a hearty white bread, and I’ve put a hearty, and I’ve had to go with the whole of the whole world. "halva". The beginning of the wine dinner on November 16, at 19.30. The cost of participation - 3000 rubles, prepayment - 500. Hurry, there are only 10 places. You can book a place at Ruslan. His number is + 7-999-831-76-54
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