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Business ordered coronavirus prevention
Should enterprises take additional measures
The capital business was connected to the fight against coronavirus. The Russian Federation has issued a regulation according to which enterprises must carry out work on the prevention of infection. These are objects of mass accumulation of people - for example, restaurants, shopping centers and educational institutions. Can business protect the capital from coronavirus? And will he try? Details - in the material of Jana Lubnina and Lily Galyavieva.

The Russian Federation offered the heads of organizations that directly interact with clients an action plan. In the premises it is necessary to place equipment for air decontamination and to carry out unscheduled cleaning of ventilation and air conditioning systems, to do cleaning more often. In addition, according to the order of the agency, employees of each organization receiving the document should regularly use antiseptics for hands, disinfect surfaces and change medical masks every three hours. And even the latter can be implemented with difficulty - last week the Federal Antitrust Service recorded a shortage of medical masks in Moscow.
But not all businessmen plan to be guided by the order received. For example, hotelier Alexey Petropolski: "Character recommended. But if the epidemic is indeed confirmed somewhere in Moscow, this recommendation will immediately turn into an obligation. That 's why we 're not doing anything. If we talk in the hotel only about common zones - corridors, reception and cafe - it is about 150-200 thousand rubles. This amount will cost the purchase of all equipment: bactericidal lamps and closed air filters.

If you do it in each room, you need to multiply the number of rooms by 150 thousand - it is good money. "

Some entrepreneurs did not receive any letters, including the founder of the chain of restaurants "Meat & Fish" Sergey Miranda. And to comply with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, in his opinion, under the force of not any company: "Disinfection we carry out quite a long time ago. Measuring the temperature of the staff, necessarily disinfecting the restaurant, disinfecting the handles, all surfaces. It 's not even about the cost of disinfectants. It can be about additional actions that the restaurant should perform and for which it is necessary to attract additional workers - then it will already cost something significant. But if the big restaurant somehow copes with it, then for small, of course, it will be heavy".

However, even if the superiors are ready to allocate budgets to fight coronavirus, the benefit may not be in the end, because the new rules simply are not in the interests of employees, says the owner of the taxi company Georgy Serponov. He, too, has not yet received letters of recommendation: "We disinfect, of course, with lamps - regularly. But making the driver work in a mask is simply impossible. We give them orders and the masks are also distributed, but we cannot control. Salon disinfection procedures take five minutes. But first the car has to come, it needs to be disinfected, that is, somewhere for an hour the shift is reduced, and, accordingly, the revenue too. "

To protect the city from the penetration of infection try and outside - in all four Moscow airports introduced increased control. The symptoms of ARVI of the arrivals are checked directly on the spot. And these measures are enough, Professor of the Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology Victor Zuev is sure: "On all borders there are appropriate posts. Of course, a person may slip through, but he will be immediately hospitalized. There can be no excitement. Mortality is 2%. As for disinfecting places of mass accumulation of people, it seems rather wild to me. I believe that it is not necessary to inflate the situation, it is not necessary to grab the masks in advance and to grip the head at all when there is no reason to do so. "

On Wednesday, a curious story appeared in the media: the coronavirus was confirmed by a passenger flying to Shanghai from Iran through Moscow. He spent 16 hours in a capsule hotel near Sheremetyevo Airport. Now Chinese authorities are looking for people who may have been in contact with the sick.

How tourists fly around the virus

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