The checked checks


Sergei Mironov attended the meeting of the Coordinating Council. It was conducted with public ombudsmen by Boris Titov. The draft law on the prohibition of administrative proceedings without checks was discussed.
To date, there are many inspections initiated by the Prosecutor 's Office. Both planned and unscheduled. "But besides them," auditors "can come on the application, information in the media or a call... The reviewers come, administrative proceedings are initiated.
Thus, "supervisors" nightmare entrepreneurs. Corruption is flourishing, Sergey Mironov said at the end of the meeting.
At the meeting just discussed the draft law, which such things will limit. And it will be possible to check the business only if the inspection is approved by the Prosecutor 's Office. The head of Meat & Fish called the bill very important. Able to stop the arbitrariness that reigns sometimes in such random visits
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